QPCR – Quantitative PCR Platform

A high-throughput QPCR platform at ICSN


The QPCR platform offers the hardware, software and human infrastructure necessary to carry out transcriptome studies by quantitative PCR.

The platform was created at the ICSN in 2008 and offers academics and industrialists service activities as well as development or collaboration activities on research projects. Support by the staff of the platform of the different stages of a project can be complete or partial depending on the requests.

The platform offers state-of-the-art technologies and has the latest generation QPCR equipment for projects requiring high throughput. The platform has demonstrated skills to carry out various projects developed with laboratories from CNRS, INSERM, University Hospitals, Start-Ups and various industrial groups.


Quantitative PCR for biological and medical research


The QPCR platform develops low and high throughput Transcriptome studies for biological and medical research. Quantitative PCR quantifies with sensitivity and precision the level of expression of genes and this technique represents a considerable progress for research and diagnosis.

The main applications are to accurately measure variations in gene expression, the analysis of mutations and variants or the search for markers associated with pathologies. These applications allow a very broad field of investigation: pathologies, cancers and chemoresistance, detection of viruses, pathogenic bacteria, GMOs, etc.


Infrastructure and Networks



The platform belongs to the Institute of Chemistry of Natural Substances on the CNRS site of Gif-sur-Yvette. The platform premises are located on the 1st floor of Building 21 on campus.


The platform is referenced on the Plug in Labs site of the Université Paris-Saclay Platforms.


The platform is part of the GENOPS network of genomics platforms at the University of Paris-Saclay.


The platform obtained the IBiSA label in 2018 as part of the creation of the Criblage@ParisSaclay (C@PS) platform, by partnering with the CCCHD (CEA), CIBI (ICSN-CNRS) and CIBLOT (Paris-Saclay University) platforms.

Quantitative PCR Platform

Manager : Eric Jacquet (01 69 82 46 24)
Platform Engineer : Naima.Nhiri