HPLC-MS, SFC Platform

ICSN has a common facility for the analysis and purification of organic, bio-organic and other small molecules.

The facility carries out all the analyses that can be performed in:

  • Mass spectrometry: Unit or exact mass measurements HRMS (ESI, APCI*, APPI*, MALDI*)
  • Chromatography (HPLC, UHPLC), UV detection (PDA), DEDL, FLUO
  • Chromatography on chiral phases in HPLC or SFC
  • Chromatography with supercritical fluid (SFC) analytical and semi-preparative.
  • LC/MS coupling
  • LC/MS/MS couplings with SIR or MRM dosing
  • Purification

*equipment shared with the research laboratory

This platform, at the service of the institute’s researchers, also offers services or collaborations to academic or industrial laboratories.

The variety of equipment makes it possible to meet very broad analytical requirements (natural products, synthetic products, analyses of molecules in biological environments, assays, stability studies, enantiomeric excess measurements).

A qualified and dedicated staff carries out the services with or without the participation of the applicant. It is also possible to use the devices yourself with the help of local engineers. It is also possible to use the equipment yourself with the help of the engineers on site.

In the case of high value-added projects, the presence of a researcher as a scientific advisor (D. Touboul) may then guide the applicant towards research collaboration.