CIBI Platform: Screening of bioactive compounds

The CIBI platform aims to identify, characterise and develop the therapeutic potential of new bioactive compounds involved in various diseases.

To achieve these objectives, complementary approaches have been developed that allow us to master the different steps from the identification of active molecules (HTS screening), through in vitro and in cellulo validation to the in ovo evaluation of their activities (hit to lead).

The way the CIBI platform works and its resources allow us to offer different types of services:

  • Full service by CIBI’s engineers
  • Access to certain equipment (e.g. robotics)
  • The development of collaborative scientific projects.
  • The establishment of partnerships with industry.

Manager: Jérôme Bignon (+33 1 69 82 30 48)

Platform engineer: Hélène Levaique (+33 1 69 82 30 91)