The “Extractothèque ICSN” is a library of plant extracts prepared from higher plants from areas of rich biodiversity (see Plant collecting). Plants are collected, identified, dried, ground and extracted before being sent to the ICSN where samples are distributed in multi-well microplates for screening and hits discovery. The whole scientific community (from the academic or private sector) may have access to all or part of these plates containing the extracts dissolved in DMSO at 10 ou 1 mg/mL. Further to results obtained from biological screening, the selected hits are subjected to phytochemical studies within the ICSN or as part of national collaborations or private partnerships.

The extract library gathers more than 14,000 extracts prepared from over 6,500 plants, corresponding to 220 different botanical families. A database allows the management of plants collections, generated microplates and data related to biological results. A simplified version of this database is available for consultation on the French National Chemical Library website.

Example of a page from the Extract library database