Chemical Library

Part of the Chimiothèque Nationale (CN – French National Chemical Library), the chimiothèque of ICSN is a chemical library of substances collected in the different laboratories of the Institute. Containing 5300 compounds, synthetic or natural, the chemical library of ICSN is a unique chemical pool accessible for the research of new biological tools potentially leading to new drugs.
The collection contains no commercially available compounds or compounds coming from commercial chemical libraries.


The synthetic compounds were prepared in the Institute in different research programs varying from total synthesis of natural products and their analogues to studies in medicinal chemistry and synthetic methodology. Natural substances were extracted from the leaves of plants collected by ICSN in 6 big spots of biodiversity around the world.

Such diversity of sources guarantees an access to a large range of various and original structures , which constitutes an important asset regarding the research of bioactive substances.

For this reason and with the objective of valorization of its chemical patrimony, the chemical library of ICSN is available for biological screening. Several screening campaigns, some of them still on-going, were already developed on targets potentially applicable in different fields: ageing, cardiovascular diseases, slimming treatments, anti-inflammatory activity, anti-cancer treatments, vegetal anti-pathogens, antiviruses, antibacterial activity, fungicidal activity, malaria control, pesticides. In the context of these tests, numerous academic and industrial collaborations were made, whether domestically or internationally.

Manager: Catherine Guillou (+33 1 69 82 30 75)

  • Compounds are available either as powder or in solution at 10 mg/mL or 1 mg/mL in DMSO in 96-well plates
  • Scientific support for a more selective and efficient screening: substructure research, evaluation of cytotoxicity, bibliography, etc.
  • « Hit-to-lead » expertise