Pricing of services provided by the platform.


The platform’s staff provides full support for the different stages of your QPCR projects in the context of services or research collaborations.

At your request, a confidentiality contract or a service contract may be drawn up to facilitate exchanges and protect confidential information concerning your project data.

After exchange of information and objectives concerning your project, an estimate detailing the cost of each stage of this project will be sent to you. In some cases it will be necessary to carry out a pre-test study on a small number of samples in order to assess the feasibility of the project.

Different techniques can be offered on the platform and we will seek to offer you technology that is both reliable and at the fairest cost, depending on your needs, the size of the project and the desired completion times.

The cost of the services includes the performance of the experiments by the personnel of the platform and the purchase of all the necessary reagents.

The cost of the various services offered by the platform has been the subject of a price list filed and validated by the CNRS. This official pricing takes into account whether the applicant belongs to the CNRS, an academic institute or a private company.

Quantitative PCR Plateform

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