Students’ Council (CEI)

The ICSN students’ council, also called the CEI, brings together first year PhD students who volunteer to animate student life at the Institute.

The CEI members are the link between the administration and the students. They answer questions and promote interactions between the students and the research teams. The association’s president is present at every meeting of the Laboratory Council and speaks in the name of all the students.

During the traditional ICSN Symposium, the CEI team actively helps the organizers with preparation and logistics. They welcome the speakers and participants, answer questions, help with posters etc. Every two years, the « Elders Day » allows former Institute PhD students to share their experiences with the current ones.

For instance, newly arriving students are welcomed with a special breakfast, everyone receives a present during the Christmas party, and all the students rival in ingenuity in designing their Mardi Gras costumes. A Sports Day is organized in June where students (and staff!) can choose to participate in a myriad of events such as volleyball, badminton, soccer and the (in)famous pétanque competition ! This is followed by a barbeque, the appetizing smell of which draws everyone to this event !

These activities allow rapid integration of new students and a better inter-team cohesion within the ICSN.

You will be informed of all these memorable and joyful moments in the monthly ICSN « gazette » which is available online.

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