Sparta Youssef-Saliba graduated from University Grenoble Alpes in 2021. In 2022, she joined ICSN for a post-doc position to focus on the development of novel antimicrobial compounds. Outside the lab, she likes mountain treks and skiing.


Yaqing Huang graduated from Xiamen University (China) and obtained her master’s degree in 2021. She has been won scholarship many times. In 2022, she joined ICSN for her PhD to focus on Au-catalyzed methodology and its application to the synthesis of natural products. Outside the lab, she likes playing games and travelling.
Gia Hao HUYNH obtained his bachelor’s degree in organic chemistry at the University of Science, National University of Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh city. He came to France to continue his Master’s studies at the University of Lille in biorefinery. During his studies, he completed a graduate internship on the extraction and characterization of glycosides from a medicinal plant. Two years later, he completed his Master 2 internship at the UCCS Unit in Lille on the functionalization of trans-polyisoprene using neodymium-based catalysts in tandem with organomagnesium compounds. He joined the Chemistry of Phosphorus and Catalysis team at the ICSN to carry out his thesis where he works on the asymmetric synthesis of cyclopentenones via the sigmatropic rearrangement [3,3] and applications in total synthesis. Outside of the lab, Hao enjoys gardening, traveling and spending good time with his friends.
Mohammed Ramdani studied at Paris-Saclay University, where he obtained the license and the master in organic chemistry . He did a first internship of M1 at the ICSN in POWER’s team, working on the functionalization of aliphatic alkene by electrochemistry. One year later, he returned to the same laboratory to achieve a M2 internship in the phosphorus chemistry and catalysis team. Currenty he’s preparing his thesis  in the same team under the supervision of Dr. Xavier GUINCHARD on the combination of organocatalysis and Au(I) catalysis. Outside the lab, he likes football and having a good time with friends.
Clémentine Mayet obtained her engineering degree at the École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes and her Master 2 in Molecular Chemistry at the University of Rennes 1. During her formation, she was able to complete several internships: 1st year at the Institute of Organic and Analytical Chemistry, 2nd year at the University of Örebro in Sweden, and 3rd year/M2 internship at the Servier Research Institute in oncology. She joined the Phosphorus Chemistry and Catalysis team at the ICSN to complete her thesis where she works on the synthesis and valorisation of new compounds with antimicrobial activities. Outside the laboratory, Clémentine enjoys reading, traveling and being with her friends.
Meriem Daghmoum obtained her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Biology and her Master’s degree in Chemistry at the Université Grenoble Alpes. She did a 6-month research internship on the reactivity of acylketenes in cycloaddition reactions at the Département de Chimie Moléculaire in Grenoble and at the University of Waterloo Chemistry Department. She joined the Phosphorus Chemistry and Catalysis team for her PhD on the combination of biocatalysis with Au and the development of enantioselective catalysis.

I) catalysis. Outside of the lab, Meriem enjoys music and swimming.

Théo Massard obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and validated his first year of Master at the University Clermont Auvergne. He then joined the Master 2 Research in Organic Chemistry at the University Paris Saclay. He realised his internship at ICSN, in the Phosphorus Chemistry and Catalysis team. He is currently doing his PhD in this same team, and he will focus on the synthetic study of a new family of natural substances. Outside of the laboratory, Théo is fond of sports and video games.
Romain Losa studied at the Paris-Saclay University. During his Chemistry « DUT » in Orsay, he did his internship at the « Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles » in the Pr. Jean-Marie BEAU’s team. Then, during his year of « Licence Professionnelle de Chimie Organique et Bio-organique » in Orsay, he was able to discover the world of private research during his apprenticeship at Sanofi-Aventis. In 2019, he did his Master 1 Chemistry internship in Japan in an academic laboratory of the Osaka University with Pr. Hiroaki SASAI. Finally, he joined the Phosphorus Chemistry and Catalysis team for his Master 2 internship and chose to continue with this team to complete his PhD degrees. He will focus on the development of new synthesis methodologies in the field of organocatalysis reaction by the phosphines under the supervision of Dr. Arnaud VOITURIEZ. Outside of the laboratory, Romain likes sports and sharing good times with his friends.

Pierre Milcendeau  studied at the University Paris-Sud.  He did some internship at the ICMMO (Orsay) and at SpiroChem (Switzerland). He then did a master degree and trained at ICSN in our group. He is currently pursuing his PhD in the group in the field of Au(I) catalysis. Outside of the lab, Pierre likes doing roller, playing videogames and reading.

Former members of the group


Agnès Theil (2003-2006) : Total (Le Havre).

Armen Panossian (2005-2008) : Researcher (Equipe F. Leroux) à Strasbourg.

Nicolas Fleury-Brégeot (2005-2008):  Chimex (Le Thillay).

Delphine Brissy (2006-2009) : Michelin (Clermont-Ferrand).

Nathalie Pinto (2007-2010) : F. Iniciativas.

Mathilde Neel (2008-2011) : Rotarex (Luxembourg).

Deepti Duvvuru (2008-2011).

Hélène Jullien (2009-2012) : Consulting (Tours).

Jérémy Stemper (2010-2013) Consulting (Lyon).

Keihann Yavari (2010-2013) : Saint-Gobain (Compiègne).

Angélique Ferry (2010-2013) Lecturer at Cergy-Pontoise University (Laboratoire SOSCO).

Yang Zhang (2011-2014) : post-doc in Strasbourg (ISIS, P. Dydio group).

Kévin Isaac (2011-2014) Infotel, Paris.

Paul Aillard (2012-2015) : Curium (Saclay).

Maxime Gicquel (2012-2015) : Oril Industry (Bolbec).

Valérian Gobé (2012-2015): consulting.

Zhiyong Wu (2013-2016) assistant professor in China.

Valentin Magné (2014-2017) post-doc in UK (Ross Denton group, Nottingham).

Julie Febvay (2016-2019)

Xu Han (2016-2019)

Nicolas Glinsky-Olivier (2016-2019) est en formation en MBA.

Charlotte Lorton (2017-2020) is a post-doc in Liverpool (J. Bower).

Sebastien Thueillon (2017-2020) is working in UK.

Zhenhao Zhang (2017-2021).

Vincent Delattre (2018-2021)

Nawel Goual (2018-2021)

Yunliang Yu (2018-2022)

Weiping Zhou (2018-2022)


Post-doc :

Ludovic Jean (2005-2006) Lecturer, COBRA  (Rouen).)

Myriem Skander (2005-2008).

Marie Schuler (2008-2010)  Lecturer, ICOA (Orléans).

Mélanie Chtchigrovsky (2010-2012) : Adionics

Catherine Gomez (2011-2012) Lecturer, CNAM, Paris.

Gaëtan Le Duc (2013-2014)

Clément Cazorla (2013-2014) MenuiBat.

Frédérick Nuter (2013-2014) : Almac Group (Belfast).

Kévin Fourmy (2013-2014) : MLPC International.

Nayan Ghosh (2014-2015) is Scientist au CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, Inde.

Tanzeel Arif (2014-2015): post-doc in New-Zeland.

Charles Demmer (2016-2017) Biodol Therapeutics, Strasbourg.

Nidal Saleh (2016-2017) the group of Jérôme Lacour, Geneva.

Youssouf Sanogo (2018-2019) : pharmacy student.

Fabrizio Medici (2018-2019) post-doc.

Thomas Castanheiro (2018-2019) Lecturer, COBRA, University of Rouen Normandie

M2 :

Jérôme Gouin (2009) ; Rémy Sylvain (2010) ; Véronique Duret (2011) ; Georges Khalil (2012) ; Hervé Perusse (2013) ; Maxime Dousset (2014) ; Yvette Lock-toy-ki (2016) ; Nicolas Glinsky-Olivier (2016). Charlotte Lorton (2017). Meije Lecoq (2017). Guillaume Force (2017). Sami Hamdani (2019). Pierre Milcendeau (2019).