Mass spectrometry

The platform offers several analysis modes:

  • Recording of nominal mass spectra in ESI, APCI, APPI and MALDI.
  • Exact mass measurements in high resolution ESI, APCI, APPI, MALDI.
  • Measurement of nominal or exact masses via liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry coupling (LC-MS).


The laboratory has several HPLC and/or UHPLC chains equipped with several detectors such as the PDA to track compounds with UV chromophores. But it also has a fluorescence detector allowing the analysis and determination of fluorescent compounds particularly useful for biologists. And finally, thanks to a light scattering detector (DEDL) it is possible to analyse all the components present in a mixture, whatever their structures.

In addition, a dedicated chiral separation chain provides enantiomeric excess measurements with a wide choice of chiral columns (AD-H, OD, IA, IB, IC, ID, IE, IF, Whelk).

Several LC/MS chains allow the complete analysis of complex mixtures thanks to triple detection (UV, DEDL, mass).

Assays are also possible by detection, UV or fluorescence.


A hybrid equipment (analytical and semi-preparatory) in chromatography using supercritical CO2 remarkably completes the whole laboratory equipment. This convergent technique gives access to complex or demanding separations from non-aqueous environments. Equipped with an oven that can contain about ten columns, this chain allows the analysis of chiral or non chiral mixtures.

Two detections are available (UV and DEDL). With very short analysis times, it is possible to purify in the order of a hundred milligrams for nonchiral compounds and up to about 50mg for chiral compounds.

Quantitative analysis

The department is equipped with a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer with a triple quadrupole analyzer, coupled with a “high pressure” liquid chromatography chain, a system particularly adapted to perform quantitative analysis. It is possible to adapt an existing protocol or to search for analytical conditions. The laboratory has a set of diverse and varied columns to handle many applications.


The facility has liquid and supercritical preparative chromatography equipment.

The services must be studied in advance on an analytical level (in liquid or SFC) in order to see the possible transposition.

Nathalie Hue (+33 1 69 82 30 98)

Platform engineers:
Nicolas Elie (+33 1 69 82 30 16)
Vincent Guérineau (+33 1 69 82 30 16)
Vincent Steinmetz (+33 1 69 82 30 67)