Equipment available on the CTPF platform


Thermal Shift Assay experiments are carried out on quantitative PCR devices which make it possible to apply a precise temperature gradient to the samples and to monitor in real time the evolution of fluorescence in the wells of the microplate.

Depending on the type of machines and the software that drives them, the possibilities of applying gradients can be different, the format of the microplates is in 96 or 384 wells, as well as the excitation wavelengths and the emission filters are different on these machines.

We have different models of quantitative PCR machines on the platform which will allow us, depending on the needs, to optimize the experiments desired for your project.

For screening projects requiring a large number of microplates to produce and therefore numerous denaturation curves to compare, we have efficient analysis software for analyzing and summarizing the results obtained.


CTPF Plateform

Manager : Eric Jacquet (01 69 82 46 24)
Plateform engineer : Naima.Nhiri


The Eppendorf epMotion 5075 pipetting robot is used on the platform for filling 96 or 384 well microplates for all Thermal Shift Assay service offerings.

This platform is equipped with single- and 8-channel pipetting heads as well as 12 working positions. The robot is equipped with 2 thermomodules which ensure temperature control of the protein samples during the distribution of the microplates.





The platform has two StepOnePlus (Thermofisher) for carrying out TSA projects in 96 microplate format.

These devices are equipped with 6 independent peltier blocks allowing us to record the denaturation kinetics of protein samples at different temperatures on the same microplate.




This quantitative PCR device used for Thermal Shift Assay experiments is equipped with Peltier blocks suitable for microplates in 96 and 384 well formats.

The excitation of the fluorophore is produced by a laser at 488 nm and the emission recorded by reading the spectrum between 500 and 660 nm.



The platform is equipped with a QuantStudio 12K Flex QPCR device (Thermofisher) also used for Thermal Shift Assay experiments in 96 and 384 well format.

On this device, numerous combinations of filters are possible in excitation and emission. In addition, a high sample reading frequency allows access to rapid denaturation kinetics.



The Qubit (Thermofisher) is a fluorimeter allowing the determination of the protein sample concentration used for Thermal Shift Assay projects on the platform.