The X-ray diffraction facility @ICSN is equipped by two ® RIGAKU generators:

A Microfocus high-intensity sealed tube X-ray source MicroMax-003 (30W power consumption)

(λKαMo= 0.7103 Å ;Ø beam = 120 μm)

This XtaLAB diffractometer which is dedicated to chemicals small crystals, strongly diffracting beyond atomic resolution limit, is equipped by:

  • A double-bounce confocal optic MaxFlux®
  • A kappa geometry goniometer
  • A Dectris® Pilatus3R-200K-A direct photon counting detector
  • An Oxford® 800 Series Cryostream with auto-refill system (temperature range at the sample 90-400K

Average time for collection of complete dataset 2-3hours, structural connectivity elucidated within one hour.


A Microfocus rotating anode MM007 HF (1.2 kW maximum power)

(λKαCu= 1.5417 Å ; Ø beam = 200 μm)

Two available beamlines are dedicated to the analyses of  small organic and biological samples and are appropriate to detect anomalous dispersion from light atoms N, O, F …, S, Cl  useful for absolute configuration determination and protein phasing.

Beamline 1 :

  • Osmic CMF optic
  • Fixed Chi, 3-axis goniometer
  • A RAPID™ II curved large-area detector (2θ range of 204°)
  • An Oxford® 600 Series Cryostream (Temp. range  : 90 – 375 K )
  • dmin 0.8 Å



Beamline 2 : (work in progress)

  • VarimaxHF optic
  • Phi-2θ goniometer
  • RAXIS IV ++ IP detector
  • A Rigaku Xtream 2000 Cryostream (Temp. range  : 93 – 277 K )
  • dmin 1.2 Å
Data collection usually last several hours (o/n) and more if necessary.
    • A SZX16 Stereo Microscope
      Dark field and polarization capabilities and large zoom ratio of 16.4 :1 for 11.2x – 184x magnification with 10x eye-objective and 1.6x objective enable us to image and mount crystals.