CV P. Durand

CNRS Research Director DR2 at ICSN – Université Paris-Saclay
2015 HDR diploma (habilitation to conduct research).
2001-2018 CNRS Research CR1 at ICSN – Université Paris-Saclay
1994-2001 Senior Scientist (Team manager and project leader) in FOURNIER Company (Pharmaceutic, Paris and Dijon)
1987-1993 Scientist in ISOCHEM company (Custom synthesis, Gennevilliers)..
1986 Military Service as Scientist (health services of the French army)
1985 PhD, University Paris VI, CERCOA (prof. F. LE GOFFIC and Dr Sames SICSIC).

Chemical Process

Chemical Biology (enzyme mechanism & inhibition).

Organic Synthesis and medicinal chemistry (parallel synthesis on solid phase and in solution, immunology, growth factors, prodrugs, drug delivery)

Biological Chemistry (Molecular imaging, lanthanides based probes for MRI, optical and multimodal imaging, responsive agent for the detection of enzyme activity).

40 publications – 2 patents.

Member of Network of Excellence (6°PCRD , 2004-9) :« European Molecular Imaging Laboratories ».

Member of Europan COST action (2004-7) : « New fluorous media and process for cleaner and safer chemistry»

Coordinator of PHC Polonium 2010-2011. “Inhibitors of glucosamine-6-phosphate synthase oligomerisation as potential antifungal chemotherapeutics”.

Member of the evaluation committee of the National Agency of Research (ANR) programs “Chimie moléculaire, organique, de coordination, catalyse et chimie biologique” (2011 à 2013)

Coordinator of « Scientific and Research Support Services» department

Member of the ICSN executive committee.

CNRS Researcher DR2 


1, avenue de la Terrasse

91190 Gif-sur-Yvette France

+33 1 69 82 30 70