CV A. Chevalier

CNRS researcher CRCN, Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles, UPR-CNRS 2301, Gif-Sur-Yvette, France.
2017-2018 Post-doctoral Fellow at CEA Saclay (Saclay, France, Dr Frédéric Taran).
2016-2017 Post-doctoral Fellow at Department of Bioorganic Chemistry (Rouen, France, Dr Xavier Franck).
2014-2016 Post-doctoral Fellow at Arizona State University (US, Tempe AZ, with Pr Sidney M. Hecht).
2011-2014 PhD at Department of Bioorganic Chemistry (UMR-CNRS 6014, Rouen, France) under the supervizion of Prof. Pierre-Yves Renard and Prof. Anthony Romieu

Synthesis and functionalization of organic fluorophores

Smart fluorogenic probes as sensors for enzymatic activities

Self immolative linkers

Drug delivering

32 publications – 4 patents – H-Index : 13

7 oral communications and conferences, 3 poster communications

  1. Chevalier, A., Naphthalimide/heterocycles fused hybrid dyes, how and why ? An overview of the latest developments in the quest for dyes with innovative optical properties. Org. Biomol. Chem. 2023, DOI: 10.1039/d3ob01035j Accepted.
  2. Tacke, E.; Hoang, M.-D.; Tatoueix, K.; Keromnes, B.; Van Eslande, E.; Durand, P.; Pieters, G.; Chevalier, A., Unprecedented perspectives on the application of CinNapht fluorophores provided by a ′′late-stage′′ functionalization strategy. Chem. Sci. 2023, 14 (22), 6000-6010, 10.1039/d3sc01365k.
  3. Riberaud, M.; Porte, K.; Chevalier, A.; Madegard, L.; Rachet, A.; Delaunay-Moisan, A.; Vinchon, F.; Thuery, P.; Chiappetta, G.; Champagne, P. A.; Pieters, G.; Audisio, D.; Taran, F., Fast and Bioorthogonal Release of Isocyanates in Living Cells from Iminosydnones and Cycloalkynes. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2023, 145 (4), 2219-2229, 10.1021/jacs.2c09865.
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  5. de Saint Germain, A.; Clavé, G.; Schouveiler, P.; Pillot, J.-P.; Singh, A.-V.; Chevalier, A.; Daignan Fornier, S.; Guillory, A.; Bonhomme, S.; Rameau, C.; Boyer, F.-D., Expansion of the Strigolactone Profluorescent Probes Repertory: The Right Probe for the Right Application. Front. Plant. Sci. 2022, 13, 887347, 10.3389/fpls.2022.887347.
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  9. Dejouy, G.; Renault, K.; Bonnin, Q.; Chevalier, A.; Michaudet, C.; Picquet, M.; Valverde, I. E.; Romieu, A., Fluorogenic Enzyme-Triggered Domino Reactions Producing Quinoxalin-2(1H)-one-based Heterocycles. Org. Lett. 2020, 22 (16), 6494-6499, 10.1021/acs.orglett.0c02287.
  10. Del Vecchio, A.; Talbot, A.; Caille, F.; Chevalier, A.; Sallustrau, A.; Loreau, O.; Destro, G.; Taran, F.; Audisio, D., Carbon isotope labeling of carbamates by late-stage [11C], [13C] and [14C]carbon dioxide incorporation. Chem. Commun. 2020, 56 (78), 11677-11680, 10.1039/d0cc05031h.
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  12. Chevalier, A.; Ouahrouch, A.; Arnaud, A.; Gallavardin, T.; Franck, X., An optimized procedure for direct access to 1H-indazole-3-carboxaldehyde derivatives by nitrosation of indoles. RSC Adv. 2018, 8 (24), 13121-13128, 10.1039/c8ra01546e.
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Dr. Gilles CLAVIER (ENS Paris/Saclay, UMR 8531, Orsay)

Pr. Rachel MEALLET-RENAULT (ISMO, UMR 8214, Orsay)

Dr Gregory PIETERS (CEA Saclay)

Dr Anthony ROMIEU (ICMUB, UMR 6302, Dijon)

ANR – PEC – SydFluo (ANR): 2024-2028

CHARM3AT Labex (ANR-11-rDEX-0003-02-RD280): 2022-2024

ANR – JCJC – MitoRedAct (ANR-21-CE18-0005-01): 2022-2025

Fondation ARC (ARCPJA12020060002151): 2021-2023

CHARM3AT Labex (ANR-11-rDEX-0003-02-RD207): 2020-2021


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