Synthesis and Methodology Applied to Research in Therapeutics


Team SMART, Synthesis and Methodology Applied to Research in Therapeutics, led by Dr Robert H. Dodd until 2017 and now by Dr K. Cariou, has demonstrated its expertise in various fields of synthetic organic chemistry focusing on the development of new synthetic methodologies as well as the application of these methodologies to the preparation of natural and bio-active compounds. These compounds are evaluated at the ICSN or through external collaborations, notably the team is a founding member of LABEX LERMIT (Laboratoire d’Excellence en Recherche sur le Médicament et l’Innovation Thérapeutique).

Camille Le Houérou, Coline Balcerowiak, Aurélien Brion, Kevin Cariou (CV), Laure Peilleron, Agathe D’Hollander, Robert H. Dodd.

June 2018 (© J. Thierry)

Robert H. Dodd, Eugénie Romero, Kamsana Vijayakumar, Tatyana Grayfer, Laure Peilleron, Kevin Cariou) April 2017 (© R. Jouclas)

September 2015: Back : Robert H. Dodd, Marion Daniel, Nadia Fleary-Roberts, Sandrine Ventre, Laura Nogueira de Faria Cardoso, Tatyana Grayfer

Front : Kevin Cariou, Mohamed Benchekroun

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